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Course and Grading 9th March 2008 

Sunday 9th March was the first grading event of this year (2008) and was held in The Nadder Hall, Tisbury. The day was very busy with lots of activity. The course ran from 11.00am - 1.30pm and the grading from 2.00 - 3.30pm. There was an excellent turn-out with the event being attended by 75 students of all ages and grades. Instruction was provided by five local KOE instructors and the Chairman of KOE Sensei Ken Collingwood 3rd Dan who travelled from his home in Derbyshire to be there. Instructors and subject they taught: Ken Collingwood & Steffan Frost - in-depth kata & bunkai John Crocker - competition techniques John Dalton - all grades kata Andrew Collingwood & Eddie Hudson - self-defence, locks & holds, control & restraint techniques.
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